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Style Collage: Summer Time Loving!

Here’s a simple, sweet, and summery collage! Hope you like it! Until next time, au revior!

Summer Time Loving!

Anonymous asked:

Hello! Do you know any fashion blogs that always follow back? :)

Unfortunately I don’t :(. I always follow back, but I know that your probably looking for something else :). If you know any blogs feel free to promote!!

Style Collage: Je T’aime Mon Cheri <3

Hello! Here is another Paris inspired collage :). Until next time! Au revior!

Je 'taime Mon Cheri &lt;3

Anne Analysis: I wanna be adored, 'Cause I'm a primadonna girl

Hello! So recently my friend, Hannah Joi, contacted me about working together to merge some of her photography into one of my posts. I figured why not Anne Analysis?! So basically what I’m going to do is just showcase Hannah Joi’s amazing photos for your viewing pleasure! The model and the clothes worn will also be listed in case your interested! So I hope you enjoy these photo’s from Hannah Joi’s photoshoot, “I wanna be adored, ’Cause I’m a primadonna girl”! Until next time! Au revior!

Model: Adrineh Stephenson 

Clothes: Shirt - Cotton On, Skirt - Forever 21, Shoes - Forever 21

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